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Universal Pipe Anchor

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Welded Pipe Anchor

Universal Pipe Anchor

Welded Pipe Anchor

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Engineered Supply's StrongToppipe anchors fasten to both concrete and solid reinforced masonry construction. 
  • Variety of Sizes: Pipe anchors are available in heights from 8 inches to 30 inches tall.
  • Ease of Connection: Our large anchor hoop, made from 3/4" diameter high-strength steel allows for ease of connection and lower side-gate loading.
  • Roofing Boot Compatible: Our hoop plate is designed to allow for standard roofing boot installation.
  • Maximum Capacity: Our anchor hoop is inserted into holes in minimum 1/2" thick top plate and then welded for maximum capacity.
  • Designed for Strength: Our pipe anchors are designed to 1,250 pounds service load, 2,500 pounds test load, and 5,000 pound ultimate (failure) load. Base plates are designed for stiffness, in addition to strength to reduce deflection during testing.

See our Products page for more information about these pipe anchors and our other fall protection products.

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